Inspiration behind

Hidden Gems:

Larry Turnbow

I've been an artists pretty much my entire life. Anyone who's ever known me could attest to this, but I never truly took my art serious until age 26. When I made that decision, one of my first goals was to become a tattoo artist. Before I knew anything about the world of Fine Art: Museums, Galleries, Collecting, Collectors, Artists, etc...I shadowed tattoo artists. They were the first professional artsits I ever spent any time around, and my style has always been one of realism and detail, so it was a great fit, and I naturally soaked up a lot.

I never did become a tattoo artist, but as I continued on my art journey, I put a lot of what I learned from those artists into my own work, and much of what I've created over the years was influenced by the different tattoo styles I came to know and love.

In the 3+ years I've been involved with the fine art scene in Detroit, I noticed that with the exception of myself and maybe 1 or 2 other people, the tattoo world and the fine art world don't intersect at all. So I had the idea to try and bridge the gap between those 2 worlds. That idea eventually became the Hidden Gems Fine Exhibition. A fine art gallery exhibition where all (or in this case, most) of the art being shown is created by tattoo artists, displaying their skills on other canvases and giving the world a friendly reminder of their true abilities. Also allowing casual viewers and collectors alike the chance to see work from great artists who they likely would have never come across. Same for the tattoo artists as well; they can get their work in front of current supporters, as well as collectors who most likely would have never come across them or their work.

This is to be an event of networking, growth, building, and expansion for all parties involved!

Exhibition itinerary:

April 27-28, 2023


Artists reception April 29, 2023

5-9pm Exhibiting artists will be present

Encore showing April 30, 2023


liberal arts gallery

3361 gratiot ave.

detroit, MI